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  • Episode 32
    Tom Cullen returns

  • Nicole Spagnuolo Episode 31, 18th August 2014

    Due to timezone confusion this week the 2014 Show became the 2114 Show. In the guest chair Nerd Parents co-host and woman about the Internet, Nicole Spag.

  • Zach Inglis Episode 30, 11th August 2014

    In the wake of HybridConf, Steadman was joined by conference co-organiser Zach Inglis.

  • James Cox returns Episode 29, 4th August 2014

    Developer and eventsman James Cox made his return to the 2014 Show roster. He and Steadman talked offensive Android games, dangerous USB devices and linguistics.

  • Eleanor Willock Episode 28, 28th July 2014

    This week Steadman chatted to tech PR and blogger Eleanor Willock about tech journalism, telly, online community and casual racism! Check out Eleanor's Bristol blog after you enjoy this bumper ...

  • Jamie Garner returns Episode 27, 21st July 2014

    In a very slightly fraught episode, Steadman chatted to Jamie Garner, co-host of the GeekyBit.

  • Martin White Episode 26, 14th July 2014

    In this week's show, Steadman is joined by comedy songsman and musician extraordinaire, Martin White of the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra. They're in the middle of recording a new album, ...

  • Lone Steadman Episode 25, 7th July 2014

    Steadman was alone this week, but - quelle surprise - that didn't stop Steadman from talking up a storm, about apps, drunk men reciting history and his latest podcast obsession.

  • Lee Aplin returns Episode 24, 30th June 2014

    It’s getting on for a quarter past eight. It’s Monday, and I’ve been bleeding from the head. This is the 2014 Show, and Steadman welcomes back Lee Aplin off of ...

  • Jon Bounds Episode 23, 23rd June 2014

    Join Steadman and his guest: writer, editor and master of the meme Jon Bounds as they paw through the week's news and nonsense to find the sweet marrow within. Regular ...